Experience the FREEDOM of Weight Loss Made SIMPLE

Since Jan. 2010 our dieters have lost a total of:

66,442.0 pounds

(updated Sept. 2018)

Fees for the ProHealth Diet include:

1.  ONE-TIME Coaching Fee = $50 (unless you grab a friend and they start when you do and its only $37.50)

2.  Cost of the food ($2 - $3 per meal)

3.  Vitamins ($60 total for a 1 to 2 month supply)

YEP.... that's it!  It's so affordable, when looking at HEALTH & HAPPINESS, can people really afford NOT to do this? 

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With so many weight loss options out there, it can be so confusing to

find one that has it all...


Doctor Supervised   Friendly Coaches   Exciting

Problem solved... The ProHealth Diet is the answer!


We specialize in

Weight Loss Success

Our system is proven, predictable, and our results "ARE" typical.

THREE main things make the "ProHealth Diet" successful:


1.  The Plan

2.  The Coaching

3.  The Food



Stop "thinking about it" Stop "talking about it"


Lets get the job done! 

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We love helping people reach their weight loss goals!


It's what we do!


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Please note:  We are NOT affiliated with Ideal Protein and do not use their program or products!

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