People CAN succeed when they are given the RIGHT TOOLS!

Our plan will give you those "right tools."


NOTE:  Our plan (The ProHealth Diet) is a temporary experience.  The life style change it creates is permanent!

Nobody likes to feel like they are on a diet forever.  This diet will be temporary.  How long will you need to be on it?  Well, that depends on how much weight you need to lose.  How much damage has been done over the years?  We promise we will help you reverse that damage as quickly and safely as possible. 

The diet is a "plan/system"... one that has already been figured out for you.  All you need to do is plug it into your life, do exactly as we teach and you will get those excellent results that make our dieters so happy!

Once you are done with the diet, we will help you transition back into the real world.  Your coach will assist you in every step of the way.  As we transition into "Maintenance" we will encourage you to begin a permanent exercise program of your choice, continue to eat smart and healthy, yet allowing an "occasional" splurge day.  Don't worry, we will help you define "occasional." :)

The ProHealth Diet is designed to meet the individual needs of each dieter!  We have a plan in place for:

1.  Those that want to go ALL IN and lose the most amount of weight the quickest.

2.  Those that want to only go partially in.   For example, substituting ProHealth diet food, for occassional meals or snacks.  This is best for those not wanting to fully commit, but still make some positive changes in their health.

3.  Those that want to go ALL IN but ALSO want to maintain an exercise program while losing. 

The simplicity of the program, the large amount of food choices, and the coaching available will continue to make this program a success.  ProHealth's goal is to get this to as many people as possible because feeling good is addictive and ONE of the few addictions that are good.  We get one body per life!  Take care of it and it will take care of you!

The following results are TYPICAL... typical of traditional dieting/exercising and TYPICAL of our program.

You are paying for our expertise on taking the faster approach.  After all, who wants to be on a diet forever??? You will be given all the right tools and guidance!  That being said, IF you want to go slower, we will cater to your wants/needs!  We have a plan in place for all different types of individuals and each specific situation!

Let's review Dr. Yager's personal stats:

8 Weeks

TRADITIONAL dieting on his own

8 Weeks

Dieting on our specific PROGRAM


10 pounds


44 pounds



Gave up soda pop

Ate as "healthy" as possible

Exercised very hard and committed DAILY

At the end of 8 weeks, started to plateau.



Ate 4-6 times per day

Zero exercise (temporarily)

Protects your muscle mass.



Did you know???

Did you know some VERY healthy foods can literally STOP you from losing weight?  It's true!

See if you can pick from the foods below which ones would actually stop a person from losing weight...

NOTE:  There is at least ONE food in each picture that would cause this.


Our coaches make sure you know which foods you must stay away from (temporarily) to quickly reach your weight loss goals!  The journey CAN be fun!!!

AFTER achieving optimal weight loss, the above foods are excellent and will help you "maintain."

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