Meet Coach JODI

Jodi is from a small town in western Kansas.  She is Dr. Yager's wife and the mother of four active, awesome kids!  She is the head coach of the ProHealth Diet and has been involved first-hand since she and Dr. Yager began their weight loss journey in 2010.  

Jodi is a naturally motivating person and is extremely positive.  She is not afraid to tell things how they really are (not in a bad way).  She has a way of getting people to see their goals and reach for them.  She is the epitome of "persistence" and she loves setting goals and then achieving them one step at a time.  

Jodi has a fun personality and people typically gravitate to her happy outlook on life.     Assisting people in losing weight and feeling AWESOME is something she thrives on!  Jodi is super excited to expand their team of Coaches to help ProHealth reach out to as many people as possible.  Jodi is a team player and loves success! 


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Step 1:  After you have been notified you are approved for the diet, it is time to pay the ONE-TIME Coaching Fee!   You will discover your Coach will be a huge asset to your success!  This is a one-time fee per life!  If a friend starts at the same time with you, enjoy the discount! 


P A Y  Y O U R  C O A C H I N G  F E E

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 $75 = TWO People

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Step 2:  Once your Coaching fee has been paid, your new Coach will be contacting you and go over with you a detailed meal guide for your specific plan and other excellent tips and tricks.

Step 3:  After you review your plan with your coach and have any questions answered THEN it is time to order.

Step 4:  Order your food + vitamins

Step 5:  While you wait for your food to arrive, your Coach will help you prepare for your upcoming START-DATE!