Meet Coach Colten

Colten is Dr. Yager and Coach Jodi's oldest son.  Colten is a very caring young man.  Through lots of hard work and determination in high school, he was able to experience multiple State Championships in both football and basketball.  He knows how to win and he thoroughly enjoys winning in every aspect of life.  

Colten has a very pleasant personality and is soft-hearted. One of his talents is finding the good in every person and every situation.  He is exceptionally good at having a positive attitude and his happy demeanor rubs off on people.  People from all ages tend to gravitate to him.  

After high school Colten played one semester of college football before he chose to serve a volunteer two year mission for his church.  Because of his exposure from his parents of helping people achieve health and happiness by losing weight, upon returning home from his church mission he realized he also had an intense passion to help people lose weight.  ProHealth is very happy to add him to their team of  Coaches.  His dieters will be in good hands!


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Step 1:  After you have been notified you are approved for the diet, it is time to pay the ONE-TIME Coaching Fee!   You will discover your Coach will be a huge asset to your success!  This is a one-time fee per life!  If a friend starts at the same time with you, enjoy the discount! 


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Step 2:  Once your Coaching fee has been paid, your new Coach will be contacting you and go over with you a detailed meal guide for your specific plan and other excellent tips and tricks.

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Step 5:  While you wait for your food to arrive, your Coach will help you prepare for your upcoming START-DATE!