Meet Coach Dianne

Dianne was raised on a farm in a small town in southwest Kansas where she  helped her Dad with their sheep herd, huge gardens, and driving tractors and combine during harvest! She's always been a tomboy.  Her biggest love as a young girl were horses. Even now she still rides and has her own two beautiful horses to enjoy as often as possible. 

Dianne loves being outdoors and especially loves all kinds of sports, with track being her favorite. She served as a youth leader for several years in her church, which lead her to try her hand at coaching track. For 16 years she has been an assistant high school track coach, specifically working with jumpers.

Dianne's husband Jeryl is a contract welder and they have three grown children; Traci, Jason and Sarah. After 23 years of working for Northern Natural Gas, she retired early to be home to finish raising their youngest daughter. 
Dianne loves running and exercise for her own personal health. She is excited to be a part of the ProHealth Diet Team.  She has a huge desire to help others reach their own weight loss goals!  She is very organized and is an excellent communicator.  Dianne's dieters will be well taken care of.  :)


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