Our FOOD is Special!

Combined with the System AND the Coaching, the MAGIC is in the FOOD.

Food details:

$20 per box

Each BOX has 7 packets in it

Each "Shake Shake" or "Pre-Made Drinks" have 6.

Cereal has 5 packets in each box

Those 100% on the diet will need 3 - 5 boxes per week, depending on if extra snacks are needed.

  ● Food is LOW Carb, LOW Sugar, HIGH Protein

  ● Protein is a "natural filler" therefore most of our dieters are NOT hungry during the process.

  ● AFTER the diet, the food continues to be perfect to help maintain, substitute for "junk snacks" and is great for the whole family!

  ● Over 150 food choices.

  ● There are many options for GLUTEN Free or SOY Free.


Do the math... this is UNDER $3.00 per meal!  WOW!

Keep in mind, THIS will be approximately 80% of your grocery bill!

3 Boxes per week X $20 = $60

+ tax + shipping

4 Boxes per week X $20 = $80

+ tax + shipping

5 Boxes per week X $20 = $100

+ tax + shipping

NOTE:  We can't do anything about the tax (sorry), but SHIPPING is very cheap for our Long Distance dieters!

For convenience on both parties, we recommend our long distance dieters order TWO weeks worth of food at a time.  


E N J O Y !!!

Most people find favorites they continue to use even after they are OFF the diet.  We do and always will!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the options you have.

To see all food choices we carry, click HERE or click on the "Order Food" tab. 





Some people actually have to remind themselves they temporarily are "on a diet."


Y U M!!!