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Lost 46 pounds in less than 3 months

I don’t usually throw myself out here like this but I feel so good and I am so happy with myself! 
My family has a history of heart problems which has concerned me for years. My children are both adults now and off to college. Over the years my eating habits grew on eating a large amount of processed foods and sweets, which is not a healthy lifestyle. My complexion was not the greatest which at times was humiliating, because I should not have acne at my age, right? After doing my own internet research on diets and lifestyle changes, I made a decision to commit myself to 60 days of dieting and if I was not happy with the results I would stop the diet.  As I was lay in bed on my iPad one Friday evening, I filled out the online application for the Prohealth diet. By Monday Jodi had contacted me and asked me when I wanted to start. It was that simple! I actually started my new lifestyle on a FRIDAY!!!! (What was I thinking?) Fast forward to today and this weight loss journey has been moved to the top of my Bucket list! If you have a Bucket list and need/want to loose weight, I highly recommend this be moved to the top of your list, as I strongly believe you can and will succeed and it will make the remainder of your Bucket list, and/or your life’s journeys much more enjoyable and achievable (as you are not carrying around all that fat)!
Did I mention that while on my weight loss journey I did absolutely NO EXERCISE other than my day-to-day activities?! I lost weight so quickly that my friends and family (whom did not even know I was trying to lose weight) noticed before I did. IT IS FAST! I had reached my goal within 10 weeks! How AWESOME is that?
If you are serious about losing weight (fat!) and are ready to make a lifestyle change for yourself, contact Jodi at Prohealth Chiropractic Wellness Center. 
Love yourself!
In two weeks you will feel it!
In four weeks you will see it!
In eight weeks you will hear it!

(By the way, I lost 40lbs in 10 weeks! The fat literally fell off of me!)



Shari (Kansas)

Lost 62 pounds

I have spent a lifetime struggling with my weight.  I've tried just about every "quick weight loss" diet plan on the market!  My health and appearance was at an all time low when I finally made the decision to contact Jodi at Pro Health.  I've known Jodi through our children's activities in school and have always considered her a good friend so I knew I could trust her as a diet coach!  I had observed her healthy food choices throughout many years and knew that her personal experiences on this diet were successful.  I've never considered this a "diet", but rather a "healthy lifestyle change".  I lost a total of 62 pounds, 23% body fat, and 52 3/4 inches by simply changing my lifestyle choices in regards to food.  It really is all about what you put into your body!  As I look back on these last 7 months, I realized that this plan is perfect for active, busy lifestyles.  I was still able to cook satisfying, healthy meals for my family as well as make good choices dining in restaurants!  I've never felt so attractive and healthy in my entire life!  My key to success? I listened to everything Jodi taught me, followed the plan without cheating, and realized that it wasn't going to happen overnight!  My favorite part of this lifestyle change is that I truly feel like I've also changed how my family eats! Jodi's guidance and extensive knowledge of healthy eating habits have completely changed my life!  We only have one life to live...I plan on living mine feeling good about myself, filling my body with "the good stuff" and making sure those I love the most eat healthy too!! 
                     BEFORE                                                           AFTER

Chyrrl (Kansas)

Lost 31 pounds

I had always been relatively thin to normal size - but as time has passed and now being retired, it seemed that time had caught up with me.  I tried all of my former 'diet' tricks to get my weight under control, but nothing was working.  My 45th high school class reunion is later this year, and I was dreading it, at the size I had become.  I was heavier than I had ever been, even when I was expecting my children!  My husband had heard about the Yager diet plan and clinic, and how this was different, that Dr. Yager supervised the diet and that diet coaching was offered by Jodi, his wife.   Dr. Yager - checking your results, but you have Jodi to encourage you and keep you positive all along the way!  As a long distance patient, I was also not required to travel but was able to participate without having to visit the Dr. office.  I found the foods to be appetizing,  the coaching made a huge difference to keep positive - and I was not hungry as the weight continued to come off.  Ladies, if you are finding yourself in the same situation as I was - all one needs to ask, is 'what have I got to lose?  You can see I fit in my vintage hippie chick dress!"   :D  

                                   BEFORE                                                     AFTER



"We knew you could!"

"You gonna keep it off?"

"We know you will!"


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