From our FIRST Alaska dieters:

My husband I started this diet on Dec 7, 2015 at that time I had just returned from my diabetic doctor with good results with an A1C of 6.3 and cholesterol of 184  but for those results I had been taking 1000mg metformin2xdaily, 8mg glimepiride, daily and one shot of insulin daily. On April 20 I returned to the doctor and was a star pupil with a A1C of 6.2 with the help of NO medication at all, cholesterol of 149, and  my blood pressure medicine was cut in half.  These test results were a direct result of the Yager Diet. We followed the diet laid out for us by Jodi 100% never cheating. As of today so far  I have lost 56# and gone to a size large as compared to XXL. I feel great and love the way clothes now look on me.

My husband has lost 92 # so far (in 6 months), but for him it changed his whole outlook on life, not only physically but mentally as well. He was taking cortisone shots in his back for pain as often as they would give them to him, which was every 4 months. The pain would return after 2 months so he would be in physical pain till the next shot. His legs swelled up so much it was hard for him to walk for extended periods of time. Our lives revolved around the cortisone shots so he could function with less pain. His last shot was Oct 2, 2015 and he has not needed the shot since, two surgeons had told him losing weight would not help his condition but he is living and walking proof they were wrong. Today he is enjoying spring and doing outdoor work with only old age pains as his companion. He always gaged the importance of a walking experience with how much pain he would have, now he walks around the yard and does gardening that he had not done in many years.

  Each week as the weight came off we would be excited and waiting in anticipation for the next weeks weigh in.

Thanks to Jodi for her guidance and encouragement, the plan was easy to follow and you just lose weight simple as that, but oh so gratifying to succeed. 

Mary Mathis

Wasilla, Alaska