The ProHealth Coaching

Coaching is one significant part of what makes this program such a success!   We have made our coaching fee extremely affordable with the intent to help more people become the most successful.  You will be happy to learn that we have a ONE-TIME coaching fee of $50.  That's it!  To discover what all comes with that $50, click HERE.  

One of the first things you will be given once your coaching fee has been paid are written documents of all the ins and outs of our entire program.  You will be assigned a personal coach and they will work with you through your entire journey to ensure you know and understand exactly what you need to do to be successful.  




MEET THE COACHES:  Each one of our ProHealth Diet Coaches are awesome.  You may request which one you want as you fill out the Health Profile.  If you have no preference then one will be assigned to you as our supervising staff decides which would be the best match for your situation and personality.  Coaching makes all the difference and we highly encourage doing the program properly.  Having someone to be accountable to each and every week helps make those goals become a reality! We currently have three Coaches and will be adding more in the near future.   Enjoy getting to know them:

Coach Colten

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Coach Colten click HERE

Coach Dianne

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Coach Dianne click HERE

Coach Jodi

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Coach Jodi click HERE


Get Started:


Pay your ONE-TIME Coaching fee here:

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Step 2:  Once your Coaching fee has been paid, your new Coach will be emailing you the ProHealth starter pack.  Once you have had a chance to go over the material, they will be contacting you via phone to answer any specific questions you may have.

Step 3:  After you review your plan with your coach and have any questions answered THEN it is time to order.

Step 4:  Order your food + vitamins

Step 5:  While you wait for your food to arrive, your Coach will help you prepare for your upcoming START-DATE!


Together we plan to help YOU succeed!